Unpacking a Mother's Heart

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A mother loves her children. I am a mother who loves her children. There are those days though, when loving them is more difficult. I wondered why? It seems to me that they haven't really changed... I have. I have grown more impatient with them. I am not spending time with them. I have a list of other things I want to get done or need to get done. It really is sad when I think about it. I mean, really, what is of greater goodness to my family? Is it necessary to be cleaning right now when my son just wants to race cars? Why am I so quick to put my needs first?


Answer: Because I am a proud idolitor. Proud because I believe I know the best way to organize my time. An idolitor because I idolise myself. You see everything is about me... or my heart I should say.


In my devotions this week I asked God to guide me in choosing what is best for my family not what I think is best. I noticed an answer to this prayer just the other day. The children and I had a very busy morning running errands and lunch was going to be later than usual. God was so good to us. The children helped to unpack all the groceries while I got the sandwhiches ready. I was then ready to put the groceries away in a much more organized fashion.


I do relize that this might not seem like much, I know in my own heart it was a time when we were loving and serving each other. True fellowship.


My prayer for mothers is that we would take time to seek God first, praying that he would open our hearts to find what is of greatest good for your family. When you are able to find the greatest good I believe that you will be bringing more glory to God and will therefore drawing closer to the one who created us.

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Thanks for this post Janis. I always appreciate the times when you let me in on your me valuable parenting advise and thoughtful words. You are SUCH an amazing mom and a dear friend to me.

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