Servant Attitude?

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Servant attitude... in a 3 year old? How about an almost 2 year old? Well today I saw it. There were several things I was hoping to accomplish today and my two kids were right beside me all day. What an encouragement!


Late last week I had been asking God to help me find better time with the kids. It's summer and I know we all love to be outside going on grand adventures. I thought grand adventures would be removed from the list this summer, budgetary constraints :) God showed me today that I don't need money or fancy things to have a thoroughly delightful day with my kids. I don't really have to do anything all that far from the norm. I had prayed that God would not allow me to put my to-do list ahead of my kids. I prayed that He would guide my time so that each day I could have some alone time with each of them.


Today was a glorious answer to those prayers. I was able to delight in God through delighting in the gifts He has given me. What awesome gifts they are. I should have taken pictures!! This summer Jae has learned that she loves to wash cars just as much as Wes. Well I think they actually like the soap bubbles better than the washing, but that's just fine with me. We learned about grouping things together as we cleaned out the closet. We even had time to make some of our favourite peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!!


It seemed to me that serval times today I heard these little voices calling to me... “Mommy how can I help you?”... what? Lord did I hear that right? How awesome it is to hear these young ones wanting to serve. It is a good reminder for me to be joyful while serving, the little ones are watching!


I also found it rather encouraging that while they were helping they were singing. Yes this can be little overwhelming, those that have been in my house will understand. Today is was just delightful. They would sing “Mighty, Mighty Saviour”, “The Gospel Song” and then straight into “Jesus, Thank you”. Oh that God would be so gracious to save these ones!


So mothers again I say, pray... because God answers prayers!


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