Potty Report - Day 3

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We've decided to train Jaedyn.  I was the one who wanted to hold off for a little longer.  You see I was a little scared... it took about 6 months before Wes was fulling trained... I was hoping for a much shorter time period.  Never the less we started Jae about three days ago. 

The first day was exciting, seeing how she reacted to things.  It was new for all of us.  Wes loved to encourage her; it was a pretty good day .  I suppose it could have been better with a higher success rate (3 successes), but at least there where no freak outs!  Day two, we were all a little to sleepy, especially me!  I was getting more and more flustered with each accident.  By the end of the day she had improved but she was not were I wanted her to be (5 successes). 

So I woke up this morning and prayed.  "God grant me patience with the potty trainning!"  and "Help me to delight in this process!"  Many mothers, I'm sure, don't enjoy cleaning up puddles of pee every 15 mintues or so.  I was asking God to help me delight in a way that would bring glory to him and encouragement to my sweet daughter as well.  My Lord not only heard my prayer, but answered it in a fantastic way. 

Today we did a journal of our day.  Each time she sat on the potty we wrote it down.  My goodness, how much this helped my delight!!!  I could better see how she was learning, I was able to be more excited with her in the successful times.  I was even better at explaing the accidents to her.  I am so glad that we did a journal.  Even Wes got in on all the action!  He was the designated "treat" giver (although I'm pretty sure he took some for himself!). 

So here are some of the highlights from today:

8:13 am - accident #1: "Mommy, I like to splash in this puddle!", Mommy is somewhat horrified (at the same time... trying so hard not to laugh!)

8:18 - Jae's begun to do the wet undies waddle :)

8:51 - accident # 3 with poor Auntie Stace watching; wet undies no longer effective

9 am - 1st success!!! Wes gets treats for Jae; call Grandma and Daddy

9:28 - "Mommy I need to pee!"; wow she noticed!; dry run :(

9:56 - "I go pee again!?! I gonna push the button!" - no idea what this means?

1:15pm - pooed, not in the potty, but she aimed her bum in the direction of the potty... does that count?

7:30pm - almost made it!  The run up the stairs was just too long...

8:29 pm - success #7!!!  Yippie!!!


Praise God what a great "potty trainning day"!!!

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1 Comment

Again your child(ren) make me laugh uproariously (at work).
Good work Jae!

Verse of the day

"who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases,"

  Psalm 103.3 (ESV)


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