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Answer to Prayer

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A few years ago now we thought we were going to be adding one more child to our family.  God saw fit to call that child home, before we even got the opportunity to meet.  Shortly after that sweet Jae started praying that God would be so gracious as to bring another baby into our family.  In my heart I thought that was sweet of her, but wasn't really expecting God to answer..I should have known better!  After several months, God revealed his answer to us.  Baby 3.0 was on its way!  

The Lord answered Jae Jae's prayer. What an awesome God!

After we saw that little heart beating in the first ultrasound, we couldn't contain our joy.  We came home, sat Wes and Jae on the sofa and told them how God, through his steadfast love for us, chose to answer Jae's prayer with a baby.  Jae was happy, yet confused.  You see she couldn't see the baby, so she had to learn to trust that God would answer.  As my belly got bigger she could see that prayer coming to life.  Wesley's response was one that we've told many times.  He sat quietly for a moment and then looked at Ry and said "Dad, is ok if I pray for a boy?".  We laughed out loud!  Wes has been surrounded by girls and he thought if God gave him a brother then he could have some help protecting all the grils in his life.

Several months later God answered Wesley's prayer.  Tobias Julian was born January 6, 2011 at 4:55pm.  

Today as we celebrate the first year of Toby's life we look at ways he has been a delight to us.

We love that you're always wearing that precious smile (dimples included).  We love that you were born with the same hair cut as Daddy.  We love that you share a birthday with Pops.  We love the special way you tell us stories.  We love that you always find a way to be with your brother and sister.  We love the way you join our family wrestling matches.  We love to listen to you laugh.   We love watching that twinkle of mischief in your eye, when you are doing things you know you shouldn't (just like Uncle Julian!).  We love all the nicknames that you have been given in such a short time (Toblerone, Vitamin T, Toba Toes, TJ...etc.).  We love that you have learned to say "Amen" when someone is done praying.  We love watching you get so excited for morning devotions.  [Daddy edit: I love how the worst troubles in the world can be instantly solved with a cuddle on Daddy's shoulder!]

It is our prayer that, by God's grace, you will grow in knowledge of Him who created you.  And one day, Lord willing soon, you will call on Him as Saviour.

Thanks be to God for the gift of Tobias.




Mommy moments

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Well, when you stop writing for four or five months it is hard to figure out where to start again.  So I thought I would start with a few moments that have made me smile.

Jae (after learning about shapes in school in time) when asked what shape was on her pjs informed that they were circles “...but mommy it is not school time, it is bed time.”  

Again Jae while in the midst of a girly tickle fight announced “can we pause for a minute?”

Wes while I was doing some serious cleaning asked:  “Mommy, are you bored?  Want me to tell you a story?”  Of course I said yes and was then told the most amazing “Wes the pirate chaser and Princess Jae Jae” story.  Seriously... never heard one of these stories... just ask them!  

More to come later I am sure.  They pretty much make me laugh everyday at least once!


Resolved: Mother's Day

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Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  I had a wonderful day with my family.  Wes made a lovely little note... “I love you sooooooo much mommy”.  Jae was ready with many hugs and smooches.  Ryan was jumping at any little request I had.  It truly was a day of pampering... and yet I wonder...

Why should I be expecting or experiencing such treatment?  It could only be because part of Mother’s Day for me is a pride issue... pamper me, spoil me, pay attention to me, love me and serve me.   How twisted is that?    As I look back on my mother’s day events, they make me smile, but I can’t help but think that since last mother’s day improvements have been made there is so much more to do.
Between my quiet times yesterday and today I have been thinking through areas to improve as a mother.  Let me tell you... the list is way longer than I would like.  I guess I’ve been thinking a lot about motherhood lately.  The recent miscarriage has had me rethinking my ability to adequately raise the children God has given me.  As a sinner, saved by Grace, I alone will never be adequate, but with God all things are possible.  

Mothers are called to be loving, kind, patient, compassionate, slow to anger, gentle and teaching in truth.  There are many days, I must confess, where none of these could describe me.  In complete truth you could probably find the exact opposites for each and that might begin to describe me some (or most??)  days.  It is possible that this is an exaggeration, but it is pretty close to how it feels some days.    

So what does all of this mean?  Well I guess it means that I am a mother who still sins, but Lord willing next Mother’s Day I will see a great work done by my God.  

My Mother’s Day Resolutions:
1)    Seek God Daily (really... every moment of every day... without Him, I have no hope)
2)    Pray for my children and the generations to come.
3)    Love my children above the clean house, manicured lawn (a bit freaky I know!) and my beloved plans (and To-Do List).
4)    Spend time delighting in these precious gifts God has given to me.
5)    Speak in love with truth to their hearts. This will be a big one... pray for me won’t you?

Well it is not an exhaustive list, but my hope is that by starting here my family will be better able to bring glory to God.  So if you’re a mother.... how’s your mothering going?


What's in your hot chocolate?

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So we had just finished shoveling the snow.  It was clearly snack time... enter a great Canadian tradition... Hot Chocolate!

Once it was made the kids and I sat down for our snacks... many a giggle was to be had :)

Wes: "Mommy, what's this in my chocolate?"

Mommy: "Those are marshmallows."

Jae: "May I see your cup?"

Wes: "Sure"

Jae: "Oh!  You have crumbs in your cup!!!"

Wes: "No, not crumbs... just mushrooms."


Thanks be to God!

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I know to some this might sound strange, but I thank God for my mother-in-law!  Yes you read it right :)  God has blessed me with the best mother-in-law I could have asked for. 

After coming home from Grace tonight, I was cleaning up the kitchen and found a little gift from Lynn.  Yes I felt like a total goof for not noticing it yesterday when she was here, but it made me smile nonetheless.

I don't just love her for what she gives.  God has used her greatly in my life.  I can't even imagine how different life would be without her.  She was there when I picked out my wedding dress and she was right there waiting when Wes was born.  She is an incrediable woman.  Lynn is humble, gentle, God fearing, ever learning, compassionate, loving, kind, generous and encouraging.

I love the gift God has given to me in my dear mother-in-law!

Potty Report - Day 3

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We've decided to train Jaedyn.  I was the one who wanted to hold off for a little longer.  You see I was a little scared... it took about 6 months before Wes was fulling trained... I was hoping for a much shorter time period.  Never the less we started Jae about three days ago. 

The first day was exciting, seeing how she reacted to things.  It was new for all of us.  Wes loved to encourage her; it was a pretty good day .  I suppose it could have been better with a higher success rate (3 successes), but at least there where no freak outs!  Day two, we were all a little to sleepy, especially me!  I was getting more and more flustered with each accident.  By the end of the day she had improved but she was not were I wanted her to be (5 successes). 

So I woke up this morning and prayed.  "God grant me patience with the potty trainning!"  and "Help me to delight in this process!"  Many mothers, I'm sure, don't enjoy cleaning up puddles of pee every 15 mintues or so.  I was asking God to help me delight in a way that would bring glory to him and encouragement to my sweet daughter as well.  My Lord not only heard my prayer, but answered it in a fantastic way. 

Today we did a journal of our day.  Each time she sat on the potty we wrote it down.  My goodness, how much this helped my delight!!!  I could better see how she was learning, I was able to be more excited with her in the successful times.  I was even better at explaing the accidents to her.  I am so glad that we did a journal.  Even Wes got in on all the action!  He was the designated "treat" giver (although I'm pretty sure he took some for himself!). 

So here are some of the highlights from today:

8:13 am - accident #1: "Mommy, I like to splash in this puddle!", Mommy is somewhat horrified (at the same time... trying so hard not to laugh!)

8:18 - Jae's begun to do the wet undies waddle :)

8:51 - accident # 3 with poor Auntie Stace watching; wet undies no longer effective

9 am - 1st success!!! Wes gets treats for Jae; call Grandma and Daddy

9:28 - "Mommy I need to pee!"; wow she noticed!; dry run :(

9:56 - "I go pee again!?! I gonna push the button!" - no idea what this means?

1:15pm - pooed, not in the potty, but she aimed her bum in the direction of the potty... does that count?

7:30pm - almost made it!  The run up the stairs was just too long...

8:29 pm - success #7!!!  Yippie!!!


Praise God what a great "potty trainning day"!!!

Servant Attitude?

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Servant attitude... in a 3 year old? How about an almost 2 year old? Well today I saw it. There were several things I was hoping to accomplish today and my two kids were right beside me all day. What an encouragement!


Late last week I had been asking God to help me find better time with the kids. It's summer and I know we all love to be outside going on grand adventures. I thought grand adventures would be removed from the list this summer, budgetary constraints :) God showed me today that I don't need money or fancy things to have a thoroughly delightful day with my kids. I don't really have to do anything all that far from the norm. I had prayed that God would not allow me to put my to-do list ahead of my kids. I prayed that He would guide my time so that each day I could have some alone time with each of them.


Today was a glorious answer to those prayers. I was able to delight in God through delighting in the gifts He has given me. What awesome gifts they are. I should have taken pictures!! This summer Jae has learned that she loves to wash cars just as much as Wes. Well I think they actually like the soap bubbles better than the washing, but that's just fine with me. We learned about grouping things together as we cleaned out the closet. We even had time to make some of our favourite peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!!


It seemed to me that serval times today I heard these little voices calling to me... “Mommy how can I help you?”... what? Lord did I hear that right? How awesome it is to hear these young ones wanting to serve. It is a good reminder for me to be joyful while serving, the little ones are watching!


I also found it rather encouraging that while they were helping they were singing. Yes this can be little overwhelming, those that have been in my house will understand. Today is was just delightful. They would sing “Mighty, Mighty Saviour”, “The Gospel Song” and then straight into “Jesus, Thank you”. Oh that God would be so gracious to save these ones!


So mothers again I say, pray... because God answers prayers!


Unpacking a Mother's Heart

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A mother loves her children. I am a mother who loves her children. There are those days though, when loving them is more difficult. I wondered why? It seems to me that they haven't really changed... I have. I have grown more impatient with them. I am not spending time with them. I have a list of other things I want to get done or need to get done. It really is sad when I think about it. I mean, really, what is of greater goodness to my family? Is it necessary to be cleaning right now when my son just wants to race cars? Why am I so quick to put my needs first?


Answer: Because I am a proud idolitor. Proud because I believe I know the best way to organize my time. An idolitor because I idolise myself. You see everything is about me... or my heart I should say.


In my devotions this week I asked God to guide me in choosing what is best for my family not what I think is best. I noticed an answer to this prayer just the other day. The children and I had a very busy morning running errands and lunch was going to be later than usual. God was so good to us. The children helped to unpack all the groceries while I got the sandwhiches ready. I was then ready to put the groceries away in a much more organized fashion.


I do relize that this might not seem like much, I know in my own heart it was a time when we were loving and serving each other. True fellowship.


My prayer for mothers is that we would take time to seek God first, praying that he would open our hearts to find what is of greatest good for your family. When you are able to find the greatest good I believe that you will be bringing more glory to God and will therefore drawing closer to the one who created us.

Verse of the day

"who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases,"

  Psalm 103.3 (ESV)


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