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Westminster Turns 7!

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 January 11, 2005 God answered a long time prayer.  Wesley Kenneth was born!  This answer to prayer was several years in the making.  Not just myself and Ry, but also dear friends at church and close family.  Our little family now was given the responsibility to raise a child.  Little did I know then that I would be learning more than I would be teaching!  Over these last seven years you have taught me so much.  I never realized how much clearer my sin could become until you showed me.  Oh, how I thank God for you! 

I can’t really tell you just how much I love you.  Watching you grow up has been delightful.  You have become such an amazing little man.  I can remember from a very early age you have always wanted to be just like Daddy.  At the ripe old age of one you figured out how to call from Daddy’s cell phone to his boss.  I’m not sure if it is genetic or not, but your fascination with all things techy has been most amusing to watch.  Your first “no touches” were the television and remote, the phone and the computer.   Eventually we discovered that the only way to make you crawl was to have you chase a computer (Uncle Julian’s laptop in particular).   I love that you love the Toronto Maples Leafs, just like Daddy.  I love that you love baseball just like Daddy.

God has made you an amazing older brother.  I watch you encourage, protect, love and delight in your sister.  I also watched as you learned that God really does answer prayer, when Toby arrived.  I just love watching you plan out new things to teach Toby.

Watching you this last year or so has been really neat.  You became really aware of the world around you.  You began to realize that not everyone loves Christ.  I think that shocked you, but it didn’t leave you hopeless.  Your response was one of “well we need to pray that everyone would know Jesus”.  Not long after this you started praying for those in our family who are not saved.  Many times you reminded me to be praying, so thank you!  Last year in particular you learned how to read and now your favourite book to read is your Bible.    Several times I have asked you to go and sit in your room and think about your behaviour, only to come in and find you copying out sections from Proverbs.  It has been amazing to watch the Lord softening your heart to the truth. 

May this next year be one that brings you closer to Christ, for the glory of God.

Answer to Prayer

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A few years ago now we thought we were going to be adding one more child to our family.  God saw fit to call that child home, before we even got the opportunity to meet.  Shortly after that sweet Jae started praying that God would be so gracious as to bring another baby into our family.  In my heart I thought that was sweet of her, but wasn't really expecting God to answer..I should have known better!  After several months, God revealed his answer to us.  Baby 3.0 was on its way!  

The Lord answered Jae Jae's prayer. What an awesome God!

After we saw that little heart beating in the first ultrasound, we couldn't contain our joy.  We came home, sat Wes and Jae on the sofa and told them how God, through his steadfast love for us, chose to answer Jae's prayer with a baby.  Jae was happy, yet confused.  You see she couldn't see the baby, so she had to learn to trust that God would answer.  As my belly got bigger she could see that prayer coming to life.  Wesley's response was one that we've told many times.  He sat quietly for a moment and then looked at Ry and said "Dad, is ok if I pray for a boy?".  We laughed out loud!  Wes has been surrounded by girls and he thought if God gave him a brother then he could have some help protecting all the grils in his life.

Several months later God answered Wesley's prayer.  Tobias Julian was born January 6, 2011 at 4:55pm.  

Today as we celebrate the first year of Toby's life we look at ways he has been a delight to us.

We love that you're always wearing that precious smile (dimples included).  We love that you were born with the same hair cut as Daddy.  We love that you share a birthday with Pops.  We love the special way you tell us stories.  We love that you always find a way to be with your brother and sister.  We love the way you join our family wrestling matches.  We love to listen to you laugh.   We love watching that twinkle of mischief in your eye, when you are doing things you know you shouldn't (just like Uncle Julian!).  We love all the nicknames that you have been given in such a short time (Toblerone, Vitamin T, Toba Toes, TJ...etc.).  We love that you have learned to say "Amen" when someone is done praying.  We love watching you get so excited for morning devotions.  [Daddy edit: I love how the worst troubles in the world can be instantly solved with a cuddle on Daddy's shoulder!]

It is our prayer that, by God's grace, you will grow in knowledge of Him who created you.  And one day, Lord willing soon, you will call on Him as Saviour.

Thanks be to God for the gift of Tobias.




Verse of the day

"who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases,"

  Psalm 103.3 (ESV)


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