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My sister-in-law posted sometime ago on the precious moments of her daugthers lives.  She has been encouraging me to write down the precious moments of my two little ones.  So here is our lunch conversation from today:


At the lunch table... a loud noise from downstairs...

Jae: Oh a doggy downstairs...

Mommy: No Jae not a doggy, just Uncle Jules sneezing...

Wes: You remember Jae, at Nana Lynn's flower shop...

Slient pause as mommy and Jae try to figure out where the conversation is going?

Wes: You remember Jae, Uncle Jules was working for Nana Lynn... and a dog bit his leg... right here (pointing at his leg under the table... as if we can see it!)

Jae: oh no doggy no eat Uncle Jules!


Verse of the day

"who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases,"

  Psalm 103.3 (ESV)


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